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Plastic Bottles and Jugs

Feb 16, 2020 | Education

“This plastic has a recycle symbol on it. Why can’t you recycle it in your bins?”

Great question! As you may start noticing, the district is rolling our new signs and labels at various sites in Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties. This is part of a new strategy to assist the public and helping us all to RECYCLE RIGHT.

 In the past, some have used the numbers to determine whether something can be recycled. This is not the case anymore. Nor does the recycling symbol on a material mean that it can recycled in our bins. More on this in our next blog!

We are working with our partner, Kimble address contamination. Here are a few things to consider when recycling your plastics:

1) Make sure that you are only putting a plastic bottle or plastic jug in our bin with the cap still on the item. Plastic bottles and jugs must have a “neck and shoulders” to be recycled. 

2) Make sure the items are Clean, Dry, and Empty! A quick rinse to get that food, sugary liquid or other substance out of your plastic bottle or jug can make all the difference in the world.

 3) We don’t expect you to waste tons of water or time on your recycling. We simply just ask that you give your item a quick rinse.

4) Follow our labels instructions to ensure your recycling doesn’t end up in the landfill! 

Lastly, below you will find the appropriate label with our instructions. For additional information on other materials to recycle, visit https://www.timetorecycle.org/what-do-i-do-with/ and visit https://www.kimblecompanies.com/what-we-recycle to further assist you in your recycling efforts. If you have any questions, give us a call!


  1. Debbie

    Is water moisture is the container a no-no? You want them dry, but you also want caps on. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Steve Tharp

      Debbie, Great question! Water is not a big issue. We certainly want the most amount of water out of the container but a little won’t hurt. The big issue surrounds other liquids. Thanks for asking!

  2. Tom Lawver Sr

    Hello , why do the caps need to be on them ? A little confused ? Thanks

    • Steve Tharp

      Great question! It depends on who takes the item. Our items go to Kimble up in Twinsburg. At that location, the items are placed on to a conveyer belt where a series of very sensitive sorting equipment is used to detect items placing like items with like items. For plastics, part of that detection is the plastic cap on the bottle or jug. The cap on also helps to keep the integrity of the top of the bottle mostly intact assisting in that process. I hope that helps.

  3. Nash Melinda

    Can you suggest any other places that accept other plastic items ? There are so many other plastic items that I hate to be putting in a landfill.

    • Steve Tharp


      I am sorry to say that there isn’t another location for those types of plastics. Try to reuse them if you can but the only way that we change things is if we avoid buying materials that are not recyclable. That can be a tough pill for some to swallow but reducing is always the first recommendation. Hope that helps.

  4. Molly

    Why do plastics need to have a “neck and shoulders” to be recycled? Why can’t items like plastic cups be recycled if they are the same material?


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