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Outreach and Education

The District employs a full-time Outreach Coordinator who is available for classroom and area civic group presentations and discussions on recycling, composting, conservation, waste reduction and natural resources. The services are free of charge and subject matter and presentation length can be altered to meet the educational needs for any age group.

Learn more about the programs and events we offer, or contact the Outreach Coordinator to discuss scheduling your own.

Master Recycler Program

The Master Recycler Program offers recycling enthusiasts an in-depth study of recycling practices on in the grand scale and how it trickles down into our own community. Join us in this seven-week course learning from innovative leaders about various topics including recycling and landfill facility operations, reuse of local resources, food waste and composting, water quality and litter prevention, alternatives to household hazardous waste (HHW), and electronic waste.

Request a Speaker

Please contact the District Outreach Coordinator using the form below to schedule a presentation: