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Recycling for Organizations in Stark, Tuscarawas and Wayne Counties

We offer a variety of services to support organizations, including businesses, government offices, schools, and non-profits, in developing better systems for recycling and waste management. Here are programs that will help your organization to reduce waste in our local landfills while protecting the community and environment.

Recycling Presentations and Education

Interested in hosting an educational event for your staff on why and how to recycle? Our Outreach Coordinator would love to work with you to prepare an event and presentation tailored to your company.

Recycling Pick-Up for Businesses

Office Recycling Guide

The Office Recycling Guide was prepared by The Recycling District to help you implement an office recycling program which meets the specific needs of your company or building.

Recycling is fast becoming a way of life in Ohio and here in the District. While our landfills reach capacity and trash disposal costs rise, District businesses and industries are saving money through recycling. They are also helping the environment by conserving natural resources and reducing the air and water pollution caused by manufacturing products from virgin resources.

This guide shows you how to set up a recycling program with information on deciding what paper to recycle, setting up a collection program and educating employees. If you need additional assistance, please contact the District office at (800) 678-9839.

Waste Audit Manual

The Waste Audit Manual includes a step-by-step explanation on conducting your own waste audit and information on how to develop an education plan and how to finance and implement the audit findings.
Upon request, The District can conduct a waste audit for your business. These audits will evaluate the waste streams of your business, current disposal practices and costs, and current recycling practices and costs, and will offer recommendations for recycling, source reduction, reuse and composting. Please reach out to us to schedule your waste audit today!


A range of grants are available for organizations within the District for various recycling and waste management initiatives. Opportunities include the Recycling Makes Sense Grant for community programs, Program Start Up grants for local government, and Mini Grants for local government, schools, and non-profits, among others. Learn more on the Grants page.