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Caps to Benches Program

Don’t Drop the Top: Trade your caps for a bench!

Program Description

The Caps to Benches Program is a cap and lid program specifically designed by school children, for school children. It is to be a tool in the hands of teachers to teach children about caring for the earth and green living.

It must be put through children’s hands and someone must be responsible to see that it is a learning experience for them. (Kids from Daycare through high school level)

Children promise to send caps that have been sorted by them to remove metal and any other debris. Our partners will turn your caps into a plastic bench!

Program Details

  • PURPOSE: This “partnership” between children and our partners is specifically to be a tool for teaching about caring for the earth.
  • OWNERSHIP: The bench is to belong to the children; it is to be placed where they want it to be
    placed so they can show others the results of their work and the value of recycling.

  • It will be a learning experience for the kids.
  • The kids will be the PRIMARY WORKERS in the collecting, sorting and tallying of the weight.
  • Sorting will be supervised by the MENTOR to guarantee NO METAL or other foreign objects (NO lid or cap over 8″ in diameter, NO unacceptable plastic parts and pieces that is not a cap or lid on the acceptable caps list form.)

Information & Registration