Tires: Why recycling them is the best way to handle them

 You Asked: “What do I do with my old tires?”

According to a Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology report, approximately 280+ million used tires are discarded each year. Only about 30 million of these tires are retreaded or reused, leaving the remaining 250 million scrap tires to be managed.

Since 1996, Ohio law prohibits landfills in Ohio from accepting whole scrap tires for disposal. It is also illegal to burn or dump tires anywhere in the State of Ohio.

Toxin Release– Tires contain a host of chemicals and metals that should not be in the human body. They do gradually erode and break down, leaching those chemicals into the environment.

Fire Risk– Tires can catch fires easily and burn for a long time.

Pest Threat– If improperly stored, tires can become a breeding ground for thousands of mosquitoes which can carry life-threatening diseases such as dengue fever, West Nile virus, and various forms of encephalitis.

Tires generated by businesses, churches, governments, non-profits, and farms should be taken directly to Liberty Tire (330-868-0097) for proper disposal. The cost for disposal is the responsibility of these entities and not the Recycling District.

Three options are available to all residents of Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties:

  • Stark County: To make an appointment to drop your tires off at the Canton Recycle Center, visit
  • Tuscarawas County: To make an appointment to drop your tires off at the New Philadelphia Service Department, call the New Philadelphia Health Department at 330-364-4491 ext. 1206.
  • Wayne County: To make an appointment to drop your tires off at the Wooster tire drop-off site, call the Wayne County Health Department at 330-264-2426.

Please note the following:

  • Only tires for your personal vehicles and home equipment like passenger, light truck, lawn mower, ATV, bicycle, motorcycle,3-wheeler, and 4-wheeler tires are acceptable.
  • Tires may be on or off rim.
  • Residents are allowed up to 10 tires per person per year.
  • You may only transport 10 tires or less at a time. That’s the law.
  • You must have your ID with you.

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