How to Recycle – Local Government & Schools

What is Recyclable?


  • Paper should not be soiled or shredded. Shredded paper should be composted or thrown away.
  • Office paper, most mail (without plastic bubble inside) are recyclable.


  • Must be flattened with no other material inside of it.
  • All Styrofoam blocks, peanuts, and bubble wrap should be removed and thrown away.
  • Remove as many labels and tape as possible. The cleaner the material the better.

Plastic Bottles & Jugs

Plastic Bottles and Jugs
  • Plastic bottles and jugs only.
  • Must have a neck and shoulders.
  • Please keep your caps on the plastic bottles.
  • Must be clean, dry, and empty. 
  • Do not crush the bottles or jugs.

Metal cans

  • Can be metal, steel / tin, or aluminum cans.
  • Must be food / beverage grade.
  • Must be clean, dry, and empty.
  • Labels can be removed but not necessary.

Glass Bottles & Jars

Glass Jars
  • Must be food / beverage grade.
  • Lids may be placed with glass.
  • Must be clean, dry, and empty.


Alkaline, Single Use, and Rechargeable Batteries

You may get boxes from Call2Recycle for your batteries. These pre-paid boxes ensure your batteries are disposed of properly and do not end up in a landfill.

Damaged or Recalled Batteries (DDR)

These items can be recycled by purchasing a recycling kit through Call2Recycle.

Lead Acid (Pb) Batteries

These may be recycled by taking them to:

Midwest Comtel
1502 12th Street SW
Canton, Ohio 44706

There may be other resources for disposal, but we encourage all businesses to contact a private sector hazardous waste disposal company. See Hazardous Waste for a list of vendors.

Computer Waste / Electronics

These may be recycled by taking them to:

Midwest Comtel
1502 12th Street SW
Canton, Ohio 44706

Food Waste

There are two Class 2 Composters located in the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District: Paradise Compost in Wayne County and Earth N’ Wood in Stark County. Please reach out to them for any fees or other important information before bringing your material to them.

Earth ‘n Wood is pleased to offer all Stark Tuscarawas Wayne Recycling District members an expanded organic waste recycling option for the season. Starting April 15th, all participating members are welcome to take part in the Food for Fertilizer Program, a program that offers local participants a new food waste recycling option. Any local District participant may bring 5-gallon buckets of residential kitchen food scraps to the Earth ‘n Wood facility in North Canton.

Acceptable material:

  • food scraps/waste
  • paper towels/napkins
  • paper plates.
  • Compostable bags or cutlery will be allowed only with verification that it is a compostable product label


  • Cutlery
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic of any kind (containers, wrapping, etc.)
After dropping off a 5-gallon bucket of food waste, the participant may then load up their bucket with high-quality finished compost produced by Earth ‘n Wood. In addition, Earth ‘n Wood, as a token of our appreciation for their environmental stewardship, will also provide coupons to all participants for 10% off all their landscape needs in with no exclusions to patios, firewood, mulch, etc. The cost is minimal; participants will be charged $5 per 5-gallon bucket of food waste that they drop off.
Food for Fertilizer Program
The Food Fertilizer Program is a new trial program this season and will help determine overall interest in a larger-scale food waste recycling program in the future. We know how passionate the District members are about organics recycling. We are pleased to offer this new opportunity to keep organics out of the landfill and showcase their reuse in high-quality compost, great for gardens, lawns, and feeding plants everywhere. Drop-off Location:
  • Earth ‘n Wood Landscape Supply Center – North Canton
  • 5335 Strausser St North Canton, Ohio
  • 330-499-8309

Hours of operation are variable during the season. Please visit Earth N’ Wood for current hours.

Hazardous Waste


Hazardous Waste generated by a business, commercial entity, non-profit, church, local government or farm must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local law. Here are a few entities that you can contact to find out more on how to dispose of your materials:

Special wastes like lightbulbs, and oil-based paints may be disposed of by the District for County governments of Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties. Simply make an appointment by emailing us at

Local Government Tires

Old tires

Any generated by a local governmental entity must be disposed of properly in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws. Illegal dumping of tires is prohibited.

The District hosts 3 sites for illegally dumped tires. Simply email us at for an appointment to dispose of your tires.

Yard Waste

Yard waste from Business / Commercial can be brought to one of these locations in our district. Fees may apply. Call ahead to ensure you understand their requirements.

  • Earth N’ Wood
  • Paradise Compost
  • Bull Country Compost

Grants for Recycling

Recycling Grant

Local Government

Local Governments are eligible for several grants from the Ohio EPA found here:

The District encourages you to contact us before applying.

Apply for a District Grant below:

For more information, email us at

Local Schools

Local Schools are eligible for a number of grants from the Ohio EPA found here

The District encourages you to contact us before applying.

Apply for a District Grant below:

For more information, email us at


Trash Dumpster

For other items not listed and aren’t recyclable, please see disposal locations to explore your options.