Why Do I Have To Separate My Recycling?

It’s about to get trashy…

For many years, many communities in our district comingled their materials into one bin for all of their plastic, metal and glass. Some communities separated their materials out and probably haven’ seen a comingle bin.

Recently, the District has undertaken the daunting task of updating our recycling sites with new bins and labels. These labels now require residents to separate their materials into 5 separate categories below:

Cardboard only
Paper only
metal cans only
plastic bottles and jugs only
Glass bottles

Why are we asking everyone to separate their materials!? Thanks for asking. Believe it or not, we get a lot of calls on this so I thought I would give you the inside scoop.

1) Co-mingled bins were just glorified trash dumpsters. We have had couches, beds, mattresses, building materials, etc… thrown into our bins. We can only recycle what’s on the labels. Please follow them exactly. Place only the items pictured and requested on the label.

2) The extra cost of contamination was doubling our costs which was not sustainable

3) Separating the material allows us to identify contamination easier and earlier. If we are able to remove an item from the bin earlier, this can lead to lower costs.

4) The problem isn’t what truck the materials are dumped into but how you as the resident put your recyclable material into the bin. We can only accept clean material. 

Recycling is good for all of us. Help us to ensure your recycling is recycled.

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